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About: Harlem HEALTHY Living
Harlem HEALTHY Living  is a two-year initiative of The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Congressman Charles B. Rangel and The City of New York, which has been created to help the residents and businesses of Upper Manhattan and of the Harlem's around the world live healthier and more productive lives.  

Making this initiative year round, the time frame needed to bring about the desired results in a more measurable manner. As a result, HHL has been broken into four quarters. Each quarter will focus on two important health issues that disproportionately impact on and effect communities of color.

The Chamber recognizes the major negative economic impact on our businesses when our customer base and employees are not healthy. The Health Committee of The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce is made up of Health Practitioners of all backgrounds, Hospitals, Education Institutions, HMO’s, Health Service Providers and Professional Health Service Organizations that have selected the below listed issues to be featured in each quarter:

  First Quarter (January, February, March,) Stroke & Cancer
Second Quarter (April, May, June,) Diabetes & Mental Health
Third Quarter (July, August, September) HIV/AIDS, Obesity & Oral Health
Fourth Quarter (October, November, December,) Asthma & Nutrition

In each quarter the two main themes and their related sub-topics will be aggressively discussed, marketed and promoted in various forums, such as Newspapers, dailies and weeklies, magazines, radio, TV, conferences, seminars, activities and workshops, as well as through this HHL website.

It is the goal of HHL to encourage people to make a conscientious choice and effort to strive toward a healthier life. Not because they feel they have to, or that they are being forced to, but because they want to.

Thereby the information, participation and education that will be provided through this initiative, will make for our communities to become healthier which will creating a better business and economic environment.